Ven Racing: Team Bermuda Setup 

Launch: Summer 2015 or earlier          Duration: 36 months to indefinite

Following creation of a successful partnership and fundraising network, the establishment of a Bermuda based racing team will involve substantial financial investment.

A long-term vision for racing involvement will be enhanced with a global outreach and branding strategy to make the team visible to large audiences globally, based on Internet technologies as a differentiating force.

An open-source ethos involving aspects of material design, equipment, team-tryouts and strategies will open the VR:TB to global inputs that will radically reduce cost and widen participation to include stakeholders from everywhere. Open source and transparent financial operations for the team will be part of the strategy, especially where crowd-funding and partner contributions are involved.

A partnership with the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club, another Yachting Club in Bermuda or an overseas club with Bermuda ties would be necessary to launch a challenge team.

A new, stand-alone company based in Bermuda will be created under the Hub Culture Group to manage operations, with a management team in place focused on the success of the team.

Partnership tie-ins and collaboration on case by case basis.

Certain brand limitations apply.